Working with Four Lights means working together. We believe that cooperation is the key to achieve the most successful result. Together with our client we look what kind of content would fit their strategy best.

Below is our selection of projects.


A commercial or promotional video is an efficient and elegant way to show your company. In just half a minute we give a selective view of what you have in store and what you have to offer. 

Horizontal, vertical, square

Each social media platform has its own favourite aspect ratios. We adjust your video so it suits perfectly on the platform we’re using. 

Portraits, interior, events, and so on

Four Lights can also offer a professional photographer for any event or location. No assignment is too crazy for us. Here are a few sample images shown. 

Marketing & content

We create content for Real Estate companies to increase the selling of properties. We combine and deliver videos as wel as photos for houses or offices. We also have options available to do this on a monthly basis. 

After movies, recaps

It doesn’t matter what kind of event. We have all the possibilities to capture your event and make a recap or after movie. Also photography we offer. We’ll make sure that the people that watch the video are definitely present next year. 

Professional audio engineering 

Video & Audio. Equally important. But audio mostly underestimated. The music and sounds FX can make or break your commercial or film. We can deliver complete professional audio for any assignment.